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December 4, 2020

Talking about the Covid-19 epidemic, in addition to soap, water to wash hands … the N95 mask image is also considered an icon. N95 mask snugly hugging the nose and mouth is capable of filtering 95% of fine dust, preventing viruses and bacteria. This is considered to be a “survival” device in the middle of the Covid-19. What is the N95 mask? Origin, meaning and effect of the N95 mask? All will be answered in the article below:

1. What is N95 mask?

N95 mask is a medical face mask that meets the standards of the US National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) for dust filtering, anti-virus, and bacterial resistance.

N95 mask are considered to be functionally equivalent to a number of other respirators that are regulated in jurisdictions outside of the US, such as the EU FFP2 and Chinese KN95 respirators. . N95 mask has a mesh of synthetic polymer fiber (Called polypropylene non-woven fabric). It is formed by melting and then forming an inner filter that removes harmful particles.

2. The origin of the N95 mask.

The N95 mask is a descendant of Wu’s design. During the first and second world war. Scientists at that time invented a head-covered poisonous gas filter that cleaned up the breathing air. These masks are lined with an extra fiberglass filter.

Despite its great effectiveness in health protection, the masks of that era were quite bulky and heavy. The reason lies in the filter. In addition to the stacked fiberglass making it difficult to breathe, the mask is also designed to cover the head, making the wearer hot.

For this reason, in the 1970s, the Department of Mines and the National Institute of Health and Safety issued the first standards for single-use mask products.

3M was the first company to export the approved disposable N95 dustproof mask since 1972. Instead of using fiberglass, it uses molten polymer and blows it into layers. These frightening filaments become more rigid and use them as filters.

With such a filter, particles in the air, even silicon dust, viruses, bacteria … when passing through this filter will also be trapped in that hard fiber “labyrinth”. Adding additional charge to the filter material prevents them from even micro-particles (PM 2.5), while the spacing between the fibers remains fairly easy to breathe in. But up to one At some point, when the gaps are filled with dust, breathing will become more difficult, which is why the N95 respirator is only used for 8 hours at a time, especially in dusty environments.

Over the decades, N95 dust masks are gradually used more widely, especially in industry and medicine. Demand for N95 masks began to flourish in the 1990s. This is a time when drug-resistant TB rebounded.

N95 mask is not a perfect product. In fact, nothing in the world can achieve 100% perfection. It is designed to hug the user’s face, including children, bearded people … But if not worn properly, it will not work as well as the media has stated.

→ N95 masks have been developed for hundreds of years to cope with various crises and epidemics. That development will continue even with the end of the Covid-19 pandemic. The evidence is that after the Covid-19 epidemic, there were many manufacturers exporting N95 pages with new technologies, new filters, new breathing valves….

3. What is the meaning of “N95”? What does the N95 mask filter?

3.1. What is the meaning of “N95”?

The N95 standard is one of the standards used to evaluate the filtering ability of a mask. This standard has been published by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (the US National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety). Inside:

+ The letter “N” is the symbol of Not Resistant to Oil (Not resistant to oils).

+ Number 95 indicates the ability to filter 95% of particles with microscopic size up to 0.3 μm
+ 0.3 μm is equivalent to the size of bacteria and viruses. These are microscopic particles that cannot be seen by the naked eye, commonly referred to as PM 2.5 ultrafine dust.

3.2. What does the N95 mask filter?

N95 masks are recommended by experts for people to use in air pollution cities, industrial parks, and people working in the health sector. This product can filter out microscopic particles, viruses, bacteria from:

+ Dust, exhaust gas from factories, factories, industrial zones.

+ Dust, exhaust gas from motorcycles, cars …

+ Dust from construction sites, dust on the road carried vehicles.

+ Ashes from garbage burning activities

+ Ashes from agricultural activities such as burning straw

+ Ashes come from cooking activities in families and restaurants.

3.3. What does mask 95 do not filter?

The N95 mask cannot be filtered:

+ Oils like paint, gasoline

+ Industrial chemicals

+ Antenna

+ Stench

4. How to find the right brand of N95 masks

Currently, on the market there are many different types of masks, it is confusing. Therefore, in order to choose the right N95 standard respirator, you need to have a basic knowledge of this mask to avoid “money loss.” Here are notes to help you choose the right N95 mask, for whether you’re a bulk buyer or just a retail buyer.

4.1. Meets standards under NIOSH

NIOSH is the acronym for the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of the US government. Used to evaluate the filterability of products against environmental pollution, respirators, including respirators and respirators. By far the NIOSH is the most prestigious index in the world, used as a common standard for many countries.

Currently, the NIOSH is the most prestigious index in the world, used as a common standard for most countries around the world.

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The most prestigious index in the world

Accordingly, in order for a mask to meet N95 standards, it must meet the following criteria:

  • Dust collection capacity: > = 95%

4.2. The N95 standard may be shown on the package

Most manufacturers will show the N95 standard on the packaging or directly on the product if their products meet the NIOSH standard. Therefore, choose to buy products that address this problem.

4.3. Scan QR Code

Some N95 mask products currently have QR Code application for their products. When scanning the code, important product related information will be displayed, from shipment, date of manufacture, manufacturing address, certificates obtained from NIOSH. For these products, you can rest assured and buy to use.

4.4. Select big brands

Choose to buy from big brands, you will not have to worry about counterfeit goods. Therefore, visit the website, fan pages of major mask brands to choose the most suitable products, for example: 3M masks, Mona Masks, masks & nbsp;

What is an N95 mask? The meaning and effects of the N95 respirator? Hope the article below has helped you answer this question. If you still have any questions, please contact us immediately for a specific consultation.


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