Since 2013, air pollution has become the social media trend. We have had many long adventures to research and study about the pollution level and its impact on human health. In 2019, we researched, developed and released dedicated anti fine dust face mask line meeting international standard. To us, Mona Mask product is not only the result of awakening inspiration accumulated over the years but also the NEW DESTINY that we are willing to face.

Our stories are our life purpose!

There are 800 deaths per hour caused by air pollution, which means 13 deaths per 1 minute, is 3 times the number of deaths caused by malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS each year.

In Vietnam, yearly there are over 60.000 deaths from air pollution, a silent and invisible killer. That means tens of people's lives are taken away by air pollution every day, which not many people aware.

Since the beginning of 2019, the Covid-19 pandemic has been likening to death, killing millions of human lives, making the world economy difficult and bleak.

(Data from the World Health Organization WHO - World Health Organization)

Our country is on the momentum of economic growth. Going along with economic development is increase in air pollution. Meanwhile the government's solutions for reducing air pollution take plenty of time and resources we need to have a deep sense of self-defense.

After years of thinking about air pollution, global pandemics, towards understanding the law of cause and effect, we believe that, to get the fresh air, we must stand up on our own to get the fresh air. Protecting our own health is a top priority duty.


According to our researches, in Vietnam almost kinds of common face masks used are not able to filter fine dust, except for imported face masks with high price. Therefore, we have taken the reality as motivation to spend around 1 year on consulting experts and developing a kind of face mask with more outstanding filter efficiency and better price, less than 3.000vnd a day.

Besides the developing and completing product, we also seek for the suitable investors – those who understand the meaning of “Give and Take”, dare to think highly and dare to act.


Air pollution and epidemic Covid-19 are affecting human health day and night, not only in one country but also everywhere in the world. Understanding this, we have had a bigger ambition. That is the establishment of a manufacturing mask factory, not only serving domestic people but also exporting to international markets.

About our factory:

  • + At Duong Lieu industrial zone, Duong Lieu ward, Hoai Duc, Ha Noi, Vietnam.
  • + With an area of over 1300m2, our factory can accommodate a dozen of production lines and can meet large orders both domestically and abroad.
  • + The team of workers is highly skilled, understands products and customers.
  • + Certified ISO 13485: 2016 and ISO 9001: 2015


Profits are not the ultimate goal of Mona Mask. We hope that each product launched to the market will not only help people avoid the effects of air pollution, change community behavior towards a green - clean - beautiful earth, but also help to help those who are living in the center of Covid-19 pandemic quickly escape the "pit of death".

In the near future, Mona Mask will donate at least 1% of profits from production activities to support the inventions and initiatives related to the environmental protection. Mona Mask also accompanies and develops with society through sharing and contributing to help the society's difficult circumstances. Furthermore, Mona Mask is also dedicated to bringing the BEST product at the BEST COMPETITIVE cost to the world.

* Our Vision: To become the company in the field of production and trading of items relating to protection of health and the environment. We create quality products to serve customers’requirements, minimize negative impacts on the surrounding environment.

* Our Mission: Creating community - Enduring health - Friendly environment

. * Our Core Values: On the way of sustainable development, Mona Mask will always maintains and promotes the core values: HEART – FAITHFULNESS – RIGHT CULTIVATION – RIGHT CONCENTRATION. These are 4 inseparable factors.

* Our Philosophy: Business is about bringing real value and benefits to society. The satisfaction of customer is our key of success. Staffs are the representative and bridge between customers and businesses.


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